Usage Rates & Ordering

Reproduction and cost implications

Stock Photo Pricing.

As a general rule, the usage price of a stock photo is determined on a “Rights Managed” basis of how the image will be used, not on the image you are using. This system means that you specify and pay only for your exact use.

Rights-managed (RM) Licensing Rights

Rights-managed products are licenced with specific restrictions on usage. When an image is purchased for commercial application, we ask you to be sumbit specific information regarding the details of your intended use. This information will enable us to agree a fair rate and protect both your rights and ours. The licencing rights you are buying will then be clearly defined on your invoice.

Here are some usage factors that affect the cost:

* Size of Use:
The larger the image, the more it costs. This is measured by the size of the printed image or, if it’s a digital image, the size in MB. For example: a 20×30 poster will cost more than an 8×10 poster.

* Distribution: Distribution limited to Scotland or the UK will cost less than European or worldwide distribution.

* Circulation and Print Run: The larger the circulation of a publication or the print run of an item (leaflets, brochures, posters, calendars, etc.), the more the image will cost

* Image Placement: Images reproduced on the inner pages of a publication cost less than cover images, even if the images are the same size.

* Exclusive Rights: As a general rule we do not sell exclusive rights to an image. However in exceptional cases when we do, the purchase of exclusive rights for use of an image will cost significantly more because no one else will be able to buy and use this image thereafter.

* Non-Exclusive Rights: The same image you licence may then be subsequently licensed to someone else for the same or other uses. Consequently non-exclusive use costs less than exclusive rights.

* Period of Use: You can licence an image for a specific period of usage, rather than a single application – the longer the period, the higher the cost implications.

* Unlimited Use: If you need unlimited use of an image,

please contact us.


“Comping” & preview use.

click-on-glasow permits certain electronic files of its products to be used free of charge (or in some cases for a minimal fee) for a limited duration, if they are used, with the watermak,only for personal, non-commercial use and solely for test or sample purposes.  Comping files can be used  to create mock ups as proofs for presentations to clients but are NOT licenced for use in final projects,  for either internal or external use.

Price quotation and payment.

We do not currently offer an fixed price e-commerce option to purchase images for reproduction at pre-determined rates.

This is a facility which we may introduce in the future as the pattern of customer requirements becomes clearer.

From an examination of other stock image sites this can be a very complex process and we feel that a simpler and fairer approach is through personal contact to agree a usage price commensurate with individual usage intentions.

Regardless of your intended use or budget, you can always contact us and let us know which image you want to price, how it will be used etc. and we will respond to your enquiry.

We are usually happy to try to help people that are kind enough to ask, so please feel free to contact us.

On completion of an order to an agreed price for usage, payment may currently be made by one of 2 options – paypal or bank transfer.

Final image files will then be released for reproduction within 2 working days following completion of payment.

Place an order or enquiry  regarding the images added to your selection page.