Glasgow School of Art Fire

This really has been a tragedy for not just Glasgow but Scotland and wider. One of our finest buildings has been ravaged by fire and the original library interior been completely destroyed. Fortunately no one was injured. Although not that anytime would have been good for such a tragic event, the timing leading up to the Commonwealth Games when Glasgow will be in the world spotlight makes this even more poignant. I have added these archival scans derived from medium format transparencies as a reminder of the glory that is this building.

For more pics of the GSA and other works click on MacIntosh


AS MF 623.jpgAS MF 621 mod2.jpg AS MF 598 mod1.jpg AS MF 598 mod1.jpg AS MF 599 mod1.jpgAS MF 630 mod2.jpgAS MF 637 mod3.jpgAS MF 634 mod3.jpg AS MF 618 mod1.jpg AS MF 633 mod3.jpgAS MF 600 mod4.jpgAS MF 639 mod1.jpgAS MF 635 mod3 resharpened.jpgAS MF 617 mod2.jpgAS MF 625 mod1.jpgAS MF 624 mod1.jpgAS MF 615 mod1.jpg

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